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Speed Radar Gun Stalker Pro II
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Harga: Rp. 1 / Unit
Brand: Stalker
Pembelian Minimal: 1 Unit
Pembelian Maksimal: 100 Unit
Pengiriman: 1 hari sejak pembayaran
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Update: 30-03-2020 22:24
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Speed Radar Gun Stalker Pro II


Speed Range

1 - 890 MPH


±3 % of reading

Maximum Clocking Distance

For baseballs - 500 feet of unobstructed views

1 3/4 miles for an average auto

Transmit Time:

2 1/2 hous per charge

Units of Measure

mph, km/h, knots, m/s


Tenths and ones - user selectable

Radar Beam

12 degree

Acquisition Time

10 ms

Transmitter Power

10 mw


RS-232 communication with RS-485 

Available on special order, 1200 to 38.4K baud

High Speed Cutoff

150 MPH and 300 mph

Ingress Protection

IP67 dust and water proof

Stalker Pro II Features

Not only is the Stalker Pro II the first sports radar capable of simultaneously tracking objects moving both toward and away from the radar, it is capable of measuring speeds in excess of the speed of sound ( up to 890 miles per hour  or 1,432 KM/H ). And the Pro IIs 10-millisecond acquisition time makes it ideal for virtually any type of sport, game, or activity that needs speed measurement.

No other sport radar is as accurate, sensitive, or has as much range and versatility as the Stalker Pro II.

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