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Digital Static Cone Penetrometer HS-4210 Humbolt
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Brand: Humbolt
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Static Cone Penetrometer Digital HS-4210 Humbolt

The HS-4210 digital, static cone penetrometer ( DSCP ), with its large, digital readout, makes testing and recording readings easy. The DSCP can be used to evaluate soil consistency by determining the soil’s level of compaction and/or the bearing capacity. The DSCP is especially useful in evaluating shallow foundations and pavement subgrades where fine-grained and soft soils are being used. The DSCP can also be used to aid technicians in quickly selecting sites for testing, as well as correlating with other tests, based on local conditions, such as standard or modified Proctor, CBR or bearing capacity. The DSCP uses a dual-rod design, which eliminates the need to correct for soil friction on the rod as the cone is pushed through the material. Penetration resistance is read directly from the cone tip and registered on the digital display. The unit comes with a 30" starter rod and a 60° cone with a 1.5 cm² area.

Note : The use of static cone penetrometers should not replace laboratory testing of field analysis or be used to produce foundation design data.


A) This procedure is used to assess the in place strength of undisturbed soil and/or compacted materials. The bearing capacity can be used to estimate CBR ( California Bearing Ratio ), shear strength of strata, thickness of strata and bearing capacity. It may be used in horizontal or vertical construction applications, such as footings and shallow foundations. Typically it is used to assess material  properties  to a depth of 762 mm ( 30 inches) below the surface. With extensions the DSCP can be advanced to greater depths.

B) The operator pushes the DSCP into soil by applying weight to the handles.

This is designed to handle applied loads up to 250 lb. Loads higher than this will result in an “overload” reading on display. The penetration rate should be consistent and no eratic loads should be applied vertically or horizontally as this will result in unreliable information and could result in bending of the rod. Through continued use of this tool, correlation charts may be developed on local material to correlate to blow counts, unconfined, in situ CBR and other measurements.

C) The Humboldt DSCP can be used to estimate the strength characteristics of fine and grained soils used for construction materials and weak stabilized or modified materials. This may be used to classify cohesive soils in terms of consistency, determining the approximate unconfined compressive strength and the evaluation of shear strength using the penetration principle. These readings do not replace laboratory tests but may be used to obtain needed field data. The Humboldt DSCP should not be used in highly stabilized or cemented materials or for granular materials.

D) The Humboldt DSCP can be used to estimate the strength of in situ materials underlying a bound or highly stabilized layer by first drilling or coring an access hole.


A) The Humboldt DSCP in Figure 1 consists of a large easy to read display, Multiple selectable display units, padded handle grips, 30" dual rod design starter rod with available extensions and a standard 1.5 cm² with an angle of 60°cone.

B) Optional DSCP equipment can be found at, including:

• 30" Extension Rods

• Replacement Cones 1.5 cm²

• Optional Cone 3 cm²

• Field Moisture Ovens

• Augers


Large  Easy to Read  Display

 lb, tsf, kg/cm²

Includes Force  Indicator Scale

Maximum  Total Load

250 lb, 70 tsf, 68 kg/cm², 76,000 kPa


1 lb, 1 tsf, 1 kg/cm²

Head w/Handles

2 in x 2.5 in x 16 in ( 5 lb )

Includes Padded Handles

1 % full scale

Starter Rods

30 in ( 76 mm )


9v battery

Drive Cone  Assy

1.5 cm² with angle of 60° ( opt. 3 cm² available )

Extensions available

30 in ( 76 mm )



Static Cone Penetrometer ( HS-4210 ), 30" Extension Rod


60° Cone with 3 cm² max area

Replacement Parts


60 °Cone with 1.5 cm² max area


Static Cone Penetrometer ( HS-4210), 30" Extension Rod


Static Cone Penetrometer ( HS-4210 ), 30" Starter Rod


Static Cone Penetrometer ( HS-4210 ), Inside Push Rod, ( 29.875" ) for Starter Rod

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