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Penetrometer Electric H-1240.4F Humbolt
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Penetrometer Electric H-1240.4F Humbolt


For complete test  procedure ( s ), refer to the following specifications: ASTM D5, D217, D937, D1168,  D1321,  D1403,  D1831,  and  AASHTO T49.


1  Level the instrument carefully by means of the leveling  screws on the base, sighting the spirit level from above, in order to obtain accurate alignment. After the instrument has been leveled, avoid  shifting its location.

2  Position  the height of the supporting casting by turning  the knurled  travel nut on the main support post  and  then  tighten the black knob.

3  If additional weights are used, these should  be taken  from the side post  and set on the end  of the plunger ( opposite end  of the needle chuck ).

4  Insert penetrating needle  or cone  into chuck and  tighten the chuck screw.


1  Holding  the plunger with one  hand, squeeze the lever on the front of the support casting with the other to allow raising the plunger & needle to clear the sample. Flip the toggle switch on the front panel to the up position and pre-select the specified time of penetration by turning  the knobs  on the timer bezel.

2  To conduct a test  set the needle, cone  or micro-cone on the sample surface. When ready  to begin, press  the red pushbutton on the front panel to release the plunger for the pre-selected amount time. The timer- controlled electromagnet will immediately release the plunger and  after the preselected time interval will re-grip  it to stop  the test.

3  Measure the travel of the plunger assembly by lowering  the dial indicator rod to contact the plunger and observing the dial reading.

4  To reset for the next test, the front panel toggle switch must first be flipped to the down position, then the above sequence can be repeated.

CAUTION : Keep  hands,  clothing and other  objects away from moving parts when  the machine is in operation.



Bituminous  materials

ASTM D5; AASHTO T49, IP49; ASA Std., A37.1; Fed Spec. SS.R. 406C, Meth.214.01

Waxes with 250  or less penetration

ASTM D1321

Battery  paste


Joint  sealant for asphalt & concrete pavements

ASTM D5329              

Grease-testing penetrometers 

ASTM D217, D937 ASA Std. Z11.3

For all 90° cones

Grease-testing penetrometers 

ASTM D2884              

Food  products and paste paints

U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture

( shortenings, margarine, butter, etc.) Measuring firmness of solid and plasticized fats

AOCS Cc 16-60

( i.e., recovery of used grease ) Small obtainable samples

ASTM D1403

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Standard hardened stainless steel needle, 40-45 mm exposed needle length. Wt. 2.5 g.


Same  as H-1280.  Certified  to ASTM accuracy  by independent laboratory. Wt. 2.5 g.


Same  as H-1290.  Certified  to ASTM accuracy  by independent laboratory. Wt. 2.5 g.


Long hardened stainless steel  needle, 50-55mm exposed needle length. Wt. 2.5 g.

Hardened stainless steel  wax blunt  tip of truncated cone. Ferrule  is approx. 3.2 mm  dia. Wt. 2.5 g.


Same  as H-1310.  Certified  to ASTM accuracy  by independent laboratory.


Hardened stainless steel  tip with special  plunger. Total wt. 60 g ± .050 g.


Resilience  ball penetration tool. Total wt. 27.5 g.


Hollow 90° brass  cone, highly polished stainless steel  tip. Removable nut and stem.  Wt. 102.5 g.


Same  as H-2520,  completely made of stainless steel.  Wt. 102.5 g.


Stainless  steel  replacement tip, nut and stem.


Magnesium cone  and  plunger, same dim. as H-2520.  Total wt. cone  and plunger 30.0 g.


Aluminum.  Same  dimension as H-2520. Total wt. 35 g.


10° aluminum  cone, 3.2 mm  ferrule,0.8 mm  stainless steel  blunt  tip. Overall length 106 mm. Wt. 45 g.


1/4 scale.  ( Not considered a substitute for full-size cone  specified in ASTM D217. ) Wt. 9.38 g

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